These are random thoughts that can't justify a full article individually. Think of it like Twitter, but you can't @ me when I piss you off. I add entries to this page whenever I feel like it, but it will likely only be updated publicly when I publish a new article and push changes to prod.

The ultimate git alias

alias git-fucked="git push --force origin main"

Writing is hard

My favorite loading screen tip in any video game I've ever played is actually from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Agents of the Third Aldmeri Dominion are known as Thalmor. They maintain a consulate in Skyrim, and have been known to secretly capture and imprison any Nords who question their doctrines or beliefs.

They have been known to secretly capture and imprison Nords.

Interestingly, I never saw this tip on any of the loading screens in a patched version of the game... Odd.

The commandline

The Unix shell is great because the only command you need to remember is man.

Temporal relativity

Yesterday's tomorrow is still tomorrow today, but only in the past tense.

Language interop

#include <iostream>

#define print(s) (std::cout << s << std::endl);
#define main_start int main() {int start_value
#define main_end return 0;}int end_value

main_start = 1;

print("This program can be run with `python`")
print("This program can also be compiled with `clang++ -x c++`.")
print("This is cursed af.")

main_end = 1;