GrammAcc's Developer Blog

Thanks for visiting my blog! My intention is to use this site to document my current opinions on software development so that I can look back on my ramblings two years in the future and laugh at how wrong I was about everything.

I personally believe that an engineer should take pride in their accomplishments but also throw up in their mouth a little bit when they read code that they wrote a year or two before. This is an inevitability if the engineer is constantly learning and improving. It's also somewhat depressing to know that the things I write in the present will be legacy musings in the very near future, but on the other hand, if my current presumptions are actually wrong, then that would mean that the things I write in the present will actually hold true in the future as well, and if they don't, then that result would also prove that I am correct in the present.

This knowledge that I will inevitably be correct at some point in the future regardless of in which way I'm currently wrong gives me the peace of mind I need to overcome the anxiety of publishing my present thoughts on the craft.

If you're interested, you can check out my first article or if you want to see some of my other projects, you can find me on GitHub.